Compare unknown cipher against ACA cipher types (extended)

Directions: Type or paste unknown cipher into cipher box. Click ID test, Compare , or choose specific cipher type for comparison.


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Stats abbrevations:
len = length. IC = Index of Coincidence times 1000. MIC = max IC for periods 1-15, times 1000.
MKA = max kappa for periods 1-15, times 1000. DIC = Digraphic Index of Coincidence, times 10000.
EDI = DIC for even numbered pairs, times 10000. LR = Long Repeat (percentage of 3 symbol repeats).
ROD = percentage of odd-spaced repeats to all repeats. LDI = average English log digraph score.
SDD = average English single letter - digraph discrepancy score.
Extended stats:
DIV_2 = length divisible by 2, DIV_3 = length divisible by 3, DIV_5 = length divisible by 5
DIV_25 = length divisible by 25, DIV_4_15 = length divisible by integer between 4 and 15
DIV_4_30 = length divisible by integer between 4 and 30, PSQ = length is perfect square.
HAS_L = cipher has letters, HAS_D = cipher has digits, HAS_H = cpher has '#' symbol, HAS_J = cipher has a J
DBL = cipher has even length and a doubled letter at an even position.
Vigenere family stats:
A_LDI = Log digraph score for Autokey, B_LDI = Log digraph score for Beaufort, P_LDI = Log digraph score for Porta
S_LDI = Log digraph score for Slidefair, V_LDI = Log digraph score for Vigenere
Other stats:
NOMOR = Normal Order, RDI = Reverse log digraph score., PTX = Log digraph score for Portax, NIC = max Nicodemus IC for periods 3-15.
PHIC = Phillips IC, HAS_0 = Digital cipher that includes a zero. , BDI = max Bifid DIC for periods 3-15
CDD = max Columnar SDD score for periods 4 to 15, SSTD = the max STD score for Swagman, periods 4 to 8.
MPIC = max Progressive Key IC for periods 3 to 15, SERP = possible Seriated Playfair period from 3 to 10.