Bion's Gadgets

Interactive solvers for various cipher types:

  Amsco     Baconian     Bifid     Bifid 6x6     Cadenus     Checkerboard     Checkerboard 6x6     CM Bifid     Columnar/Myszkowski (Video)  

  CONDI     Digrafid     Four-Square     Four-Square 6x6     Grandpre     Grille     Gromark     Keyphrase     Knight's Tour     Monome-Dinome  

  Numbered Key     Phillips     Playfair     Playfair 6x6     Quagmire   (Video).   Ragbaby     Running Key     Seriated Playfair     Seriated Playfair 6x6  

  Simple sub     Swagman     Syllabary     Tridigital     Trifid     Tri-square     Two-Square     Two-Square 6x6     Vigenere family  

ID tests:

  Random forest Cipher ID test   (Video).   Neural net cipher ID test      Amsco ID test     Fractionated Morse ID test     Portax ID test. due to AAHJU.  

  Swagman Test      Two Square Versus Four Square     Vigenere family ID test. due to AAHJU.     Vig Versus Variant Running Key  

Cipher analysis & utility programs:

  Double chaining for headline puzzles.     Compute Periodic IC for poly-alphabetic ciphers.     Portax Slide simulator.     Cryptarithm Helper.   

  Divide string into words.      Compute Inverse of a transposition key.      Nihilist substitution periods.      Caesar shift calculator.   

  Statistical Reference for the ACA cipher types.     Seriated Playfair Periods      Trifid Key Routes     Make word list from pasted text.  

  Find Key Length of columnar cipher.     ACA Length Guidelines.     Tridigital Word Separator.     Bifid Key search. (Unscramble keysquare)  

  Two-square Key search. (Unscramble keysquares)     Headline puzzle hat worksheet     Top 100 Gromark primers      Find Words in Null cipher.   

  Headline puzzle, merge 13-link chains      K3 key, shift of 13 worksheet      Anagram checker   

Crib dragging programs:

  Bifid crib drag      CM Bifid crib drag      Digrafid crib drag      Four-square crib drag      Fractionated Morse crib drag      Grandpre/Numbered-Key crib drag..   

  Nihilist substitution crib drag..      Phillips crib drag.     Playfair crib drag + Seriated PF   Quagmire crib drag     Sequence transposition crib drag  

  Syllabary crib drag      Trifid crib drag      Tri-Square crib drag..      Two-square crib drag   

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